Bypass CGNAT with VPS

I don’t have a public IPv4 because I am under CGNAT (LTE connection). I have IPv6 connectivity with a dynamic /64 prefix. I already set up remote access to my home LAN using both direct IPv6 and a WireGuard VPN server on Openwrt (this works only when the client has IPv6).
I have just activated a Oracle Cloud VPS with a public IPv4 (I think I can enable IPv6).
I would like to use the public IPv4 of the VPS to connect to my home LAN remotely.
I am thinking about two ways. I would like to know which is better or if you have a better solution let me know.

  1. If VPS has only ipv4, I should create a WireGuard server on the vps and the connect openwrt has a client. The internet traffic from my home device should not pass through the vpn. But i would like to access my openwrt remotely. For example using ssh on port 2222 so I connect to ssh ipv4_vps -p 2222 and the vps redirect the traffic through the vpn to openwrt. I would like also to access some services that are hosted on another PC in the LAN
  2. if vps has ipv6. Connect to the vps ipv4 and the vps forward the traffic to my public ipv6 openwrt.
    For example ssh ipv4_vps -p 2222 and the vps redirect the traffic directly to my public ipv6

Which is better?