Bypass all authentication on the router

Hi all,
Using a mix of barrier breaker and chaos calmer on a mix of TL-WR841N and TL-WR1043ND routers for a Dalo radius server, and the person who usually sorts out all of our radius stuff had a medical emergency, and so obviously can't help us.
We think that if we disable any authentication of users on the routers, we might be able to stop the list of growing problems for a bit so that we can work on getting the older issues working again.
We know about using HS_MACALLOW and HS_MACAUTHMODE in the /etc/chilli/config file, but we have close to 1000 users so we need something that can be set to allow them through en masse.
So TL:DR: Can you disable authentication of users so they connect to the router and immediately pass through the internet?

Any help or guidance on where to look at all is greatly appreciated.

As you have a commercial system, obviously, I can offer commercial support. Send me a PM, in case of interest. I did firmware for a lof of commercial hotspotsystems, using openwrt+coova-chilli + freeradius.

I'm interested in your offer, tbh I only created an account on here about an hour ago and I can't figure out how to go to PM's. If you could start the PM then I'll figure out how to reply to it from there.