Buy which or what: router, AP wifi, extender?

We would like to buy a router, AP wifi, extender (?) that is able to use open wrt. What we are looking for is 3 usb ports, best with outdoor antenna to pick up the wifi signal about 50 m away. Or a strong indoor pick up antenna+ wifi sending inside for 2-3 devices maximum.
This is completely new territory for us, the devices to pick up the signal work on linux mint. We have been staring at the hardware lists, finally decided to ask here in the open.

USB and outdoor doesn't go well together.
Usually routers don't have more than two ports.
look for something with detachable antennas.

The connector is SMA or RP-SMA.

here's a good search page

Hi frollic, not sure if i understand youre answer. Maybe i didn'tmake myself clear enough.
It is a camping like situation: the wifi signal comes from the porters house 50 meters away. We can reach the signal by laptop, but i is often too weak. So looking for a stronger antenna, in or outside our building
The usb is to connect our laptop, but could be done by wifi inside.
About the link, well it must be interesting if you know whaat you are looking for...

Get a two radio device, one for connecting to the remote signal, one for retransmitting it locally, or connecting via ethernet cable.

usb-2-usb null modem isn't a very common product, I'm not even sure it exists.
In that case you don't really need USB ports on the device you're seeking, and if you need
the access to be shared between several clients, wifi is the way to go.

You say camping like, is it a location where there isn't plenty of power available ?

There's a big difference in power usage between a regular home router, like an Archer C2600, and a pocket device like the WR902AC.

no power shortage there.
Archer C2600 doesn't show in the link
C2600 shows 6x...

BlockquoteGet a two radio device, one for connecting to the remote signal, one for retransmitting it locally, or connecting via ethernet cable.

ok get that, so how to select those?

Yeah I know, it should, it checks all the boxes of the initial list/link, imho.

here's a simplified device search

you can send 100 links, if i have no clue what to look for it makes no sense

Yeah I know, it should,

??? well it doesn't so how can i know or be certain?

the archer C2600 ?

Let's do the opposite, where are you, geographically.
Recommendation would/could be different based on where you live.

germany west border side, thats Holland

If it is you meant, i am afraid it is 'end of life' only 2nd hand available, what creates another problem: How can you possible test that...

Here it is shown though...

The help here is promising

I've got three of those - the four antenna model, the one mostly used have an uptime of 300 days.

mostly used have an uptime of 300 days

And then what to do on day 301?

Make a toast?

Regarding used items, two if those three were bought from tp-link as refurbs, the 3rd was bought used on ebay.

But I agree, a new device would be nicer, and there are similar ones still being sold.

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Are you kidding? The device only works for 300 days? Because of OWRT?

The uptime ( = no reboot) is 300 days, not the maximum device age :slight_smile:

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ok that makes sense. :sweat_smile:
I've read Supported Versions 19.07.8, for archer-c2600, but the current version OWRT is 21+
How long will it be supported?

No, stable is 19, current beta is 21.

The will be a 21 for the Archer.

Most routers are supported as long as the release image will fit the flash space available.
21 will not be available for most/all devices with 4 MB flash, depending on the hardware, this was already reality for 19.

Owrt currently fits a 8MB flash device, but recommends buying units having 16 MB flash.
The Archer got 32 MB flash.

Can you be more specific please?

Well, the netgear r7800 for instance, but now is really a bad time for getting such equipment, prices are elevated.

Or the ZyXEL NBG6817.