Buy, Sell, Trade Section?

I don't know if it's been discussed before, but it might be of value to established members to be able to either directly buy, sell, trade OpenWRT-related hardware to each other, or bring notice to postings of such gear on eBay, Craigslist, and the like.

On other boards I'm involved with, the section is restricted only to well-established users (to prevent link spam) and the board legally disassociates itself from the transaction. Some allow direct posting, others only permit links to third-party sites.


+1. I have hardware I can get rid of.

+1, good idea imho !!

A bit ago, we discussed this (in Thoughts on a community "Marketplace" section?) and decided that we should perform the experiment to see if there's much demand for people buying/selling equipment.

I've not seen a lot of subsequent traffic, so go ahead and post your equipment (subject line can be something like, "For Sale: XXX Router...") and provide a good description. I'd post in the "Installing and Using LEDE" category, since that gets the most traffic/eyeballs.

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I would also like to see the buy, sell, trade section back again.

Please see my reply at: Thoughts on a community "Marketplace" section? Thanks.

The thing is that people don't know that they can buy and sell here on the forum. So setting up a section would let people know that they will not get band for trying.

We have an amusing chicken and egg situation here...

a) I hadn't considered that people are so respectful of the list, and don't want to offend, that they don't post their "for sale" messages. (THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING RESPECTFUL! You're doing a great job!)

b) But, since no one's posting, despite the guidance of these messages to post in the "Installing and Using OpenWrt" category, no one sees anyone else posting, so they keep their head down, and don't post.

I'll restate my reluctance to create new categories: they make a hassle (not for admins - it's two minutes work), but for every person who wants to post a message.

Every time you want to post, you have to decide (or guess) where to post a message. If you post to one category, some people (who never read that category), are never going to see it, even it if might have been interesting... So it provides friction for people who want to post, since they're not sure where it best belongs.

So - I still say, "Post away!" Post in the "Installing and Using OpenWrt" thread. If we get people complaining that we have too many "for sale" posts, we can revisit this discussion.

do we have tags on the forum posts ?

Not sure if they works well but with them you'll have the normal 4-categories plus

a way to help in serching for a topic.

I mean tag kernel version, tag router model, tag package and so on

Problem with tags is that everybody chooses is name for a tag


Tplink-4000 colud be for somebody else TP-Link 4000 or TPlink4000 ......