Buy a cheap router with VPN

Hello ,
I am thinking of buying a router that can put a rom based on openwrt
I don't want to spend a lot of money. I'm interested in the vpn option.
I have thought about the redmi AC2100 or even the AC2350 from xiaomi.
Which do you recommend?
Any other ?
Basically the use will be in extreming (netflix) and unlocking addresses blocked by the operator, that's why the use of vpn.
Thank you.

If they suit your budget, then go for it

but which of them?
, or if there are other alternatives around € 30/40

there are, but they vary based on where you are ...

I don't care one router than another. what interests me is the development in the firm and being able to place the parameters of a vpn

I think you missed the point...

Anyway, both devices will continue to get support, for a long time.


thank you.
I will continue to see the different options,
one thing, I didn't understand " I think you missed the point.."

Of your two choices, the Redmi AC2100 would be a better VPN pick than the Redmi AC2350. The AC2100 is a faster ramips MT7621 device (2 cores at 880 MHz). The Redmi AC2350 is a slower ath79 QCA9563 device (1 core at 775 MHz). The AC2100 will support faster VPN speed. Don't be fooled by the number of antennas or the big theoretical wireless throughput number on the box.

For an inexpensive VPN router, I would look for a used ipq806x device on ebay instead (2 cores, > 1GHz and faster CPU architecture). Devices with this CPU family will provide much faster VPN capability, and at a reasonable price if purchased used. Options could be an Archer C2600, Linksys EA8500 (you need to flash this one with a serial dongle the first time), Netgear R7800, Linksys EA7500 v1, Netgear R7500 v1 or v2. You get the idea - lots of options. Just keep an eye out for what is available to you used on ebay and go for it.

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if you already have a router, I wouldn't buy a new, but perhaps an old(er) Raspberry Pi, for hosting the VPN tunnel.

thanks, I have an old raspberry but the speed is not high
thanks a lot of

I'm not sure those other devices would deliver that much more ...


frollic makes an excellent point. An ipq806x device is unlikely to be faster than a Pi (although either will be plenty fast for streaming). Since you already have an old Pi sitting around, that could be a great free option to try first if you do not also need to purchase connectivity for it (a USB to Ethernet dongle, WiFi board, etc.).

If you need to buy add-ons for the Pi, I think I would still go with a used ipq806x WiFi router. Used equipment can be found incredibly cheap, and ipq806x devices are capable. Especially if your current WiFi router is older (Wave 1 or older WiFi, i.e., not Wave 2 MU-MIMO), an ipq806x device will give you better Wave 2 WiFi. You can usually sell an old router on ebay to avoid throwing it away if you no longer need your current router, or just send it to the trash-eventually stuff does become obsolete and it's time to say goodbye.

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Thanks. I'll try with a rapsberry. I have all the adons.Perfect

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