Busybox free build. Did anyone try it out?

Hey friends how are you doing.
I am currently digging a bit deeper in terms of OpenWrt and i would like to get rid of Busybox on OpenWrt and use GNU Coreutils, OpenSSH etc.
Did someone else try that out already, and is it a clever thing to do?
I would like to try that out on my x86 router.

I am looking forward to hear from some of your experiences!

Thanks in advance!

I guess nbody tried it because you can simply install coreutils and leave bb in system. You anyway have a place for it
Same for openssh but you can easily disable dropbox from compilataion.
I have a Turris Omnia router and it co.es with pre installed bash. But when I created a simple bash script and tried to execute it as service it was executed with busybox ash instead of bash.
So thats the only one time when I got a problem.
Almost everything can be written with ash and each time I was able to rewrite a bash script to ash

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That is not possible without rather serious debugging work and some considerable developing.

AFAIK OpenWrt at its core relies on Busybox for a large number of features and functions. There's been some attempts to convert from Busybox to (IIRC) Toybox, without much success simply because of the aforementioned dependency on Busybox, and Busybox specifics.