Busybox ash history timestamps

Hello all. Probably a yes or no answer. It is possible to add timestamps to the ash CLI history?
So instead of

~# history
   0 echo hihi
   1 history

to this

~# history
0  09-02-22 08:53:10 echo hihi
1  09-02-22 08:55:34 history

I updated /etc/profile

~# grep HISTTIMEFORMAT /etc/profile
export HISTTIMEFORMAT="%m-%d-%y %T "
%m-%d-%y %T

Reloaded session (sourced file). It didn't work :frowning: . The custom alias did work.
So is there any way to get this to work or no? Let me know. Thank you :slight_smile:

No, there isn't.

The upstream busybox history does not support timestamps at all.

See the source of the "show_history" function:


TY hnyman for the info.