BusyBox applets -- can't get list, and hostname missing


  1. According to BusyBox usage, "If you invoke BusyBox with no arguments, it will provide you with a list of the applets that have been compiled into your BusyBox binary." Here's what I get:
          OpenWrt:~ root# busybox
          busybox: applet not found
          OpenWrt:~ root#
  1. Does anyone know the reason why hostname is not compiled into BusyBox, or available as a separate installable package, e.g., coreutils-hostname? For now my workaround is to create a script that will cat /proc/sys/kernel/hostname. Not having hostname seems like a strange omission, so I'm sure there's a reason.

Space is a precious asset for many, so the basic utilities are pared to the max.

ls -l /bin | fgrep busybox

Hostname under OpenWrt isn't stored in the "usual" Linux way, so the standard Linux utilities won't find it.

uci show system.@system[0].hostname

will also retrieve it.


nslookup is available.

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