Builds of legend: on pseudo release names

This is a gentle request to those providing community builds to refrain from naming the fruit of their labour anything else than 'LEDE $hash' or whatever. Leave out the completely non-descript 'Leviathan', 'Aquarius', or whatever suits your fancy.

Like @hnyman pointed out in a thread earlier, this only adds confusion when people ask for help. I've come across a few threads with desperate users providing all the info they deem important - and those pseudo release names pop up fairly often. I had no idea what it meant at first, so I just skipped it; now it seems like an infection that's spreading, so I've observed it more in the wild, but it only means I will stay clear of such topics more than I already did. I am not going to keep tabs on whatever people think is cool.

As proud as you are of your efforts, putting a sticker on your work doesn't make it any better (or worse). Actually, it does make it worse - what are you marketing, after all?

So please, ditch the marketing speak, there's nothing special about your build that warrants yet another name tag, it's not your newborn baby, and even if it was - it's only special to its parents :wink:

Edit: I may have infringed on rule #12 and I humbly apologise for that.

And who are you to decide that?

Additionally, adding code names does not make it confusing, it actually helps determine where that build came from and developers usually, if not always, provide a revision number with every release.

I think you would go on a full-scale rampage if you ever went on XDA forums (custom Android firmwares), lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, while I agree most names are facepalm-worthy, having an additional codename helps identifying the source, so you can either direct complaints to him, or look at what he did if you want to help.

Haha. I keep my manners on XDA :smiley: (I try to keep them here as well of course :wink: ).

People using one of those community builds have no idea if that name is official or not. They're looking for a 'finished product' that caters more to their needs than vanilla LEDE builds, so yeah, of course there's added value, but I'd rather see those builders add their nickname to the build instead of some random codename that doesn't say anything. At least then we'll know who to point at.

I feel like you're only talking to two people here, davidc502 and myself. :ear: (Which you will need to go state this in the openwrt threads as david does not participate here, yet at least)

But if it's really causing confusion, I can remove the silly names from my builds. Meant no hard by them, outside of just adding a personal touch. If that is causing a the :mask: "LEDE Infection" :thumbsdown: to spread, of course I wouldn't want to be a part of that.

It's just part of an effort to promote the project, I guess that is what is being marketed.

I understand you want to identify your builds, but I suggest slipping in something recognisable (like your nickname). Once you have that, it doesn't matter what you name your builds - since people can trace it. An 'UNOFFICIAL' like Cyanogenmod (R.I.P.) or LineageOS do it might help as well.

Don't get me wrong, I think you're doing the community a great service, custom builds bridge the gap between technical users (which is the core audience for LEDE, I'd think) and people sitting on the fence.

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:slight_smile: I will work on the naming conventions on the upcoming builds.