Buildroot compiling x86 generate ath79

Hi, I am using the git buildroot to compile latest openwrt image for an x86/64 target. I set the target in menuconfig and then I start the building with make command following the Build System Guide. The problem is that in bin/target folder I always get an ath79 image. I already tried to create a new buildroot (re-clone) and generate new .config file, but I get same issue.

When you say that you set the x86/64 target, I assume you did so with make nconfig or the like? Did you save the corresponding .config from there? Check yourself by editing .config Another thought is that you overwrite the .config with a make clean or something similar.

Yes, I set x86 target with make menuconfig and I even checked the target in the .config file

If it's setup properly in your .config simply building with make should do it. I cannot think of a reason why it would build something other than what you defined... unless it goes deleted and ath97 is the first one alphabetically and would be added back.

Remove your current .config

Follow this process:

make nconfig/menuconfig	# enter your Target
						# and SubTarget
						# and Target Profile
						# escape out of nconfig/menuconfig and save your changes
./scripts/ > configdiff	# create configdiff from created .config
cp configdiff .config	# and copy to .config
make defconfig			# make a default config for the selected Target/Release

# I would suggest copying the .config as a backup.

# This should create a default .config for your Target device.

See if this helps.

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Check your env, maybe you have ARCH=arm or something.

This worked, thanks

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