Buildroot and Python version (python 2 vs. python 3)

It seems as though Python is required for buildroot

package/firmware/wireless-regdb/Makefile:	python $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/ $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/regulatory.db $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/db.txt

Is there a policy around Python 3 vs. Python 2 support?

(I'd prefer to avoid the version-detection and import hacks)

Ubuntu / Debian have moved to Python 3 and are likely to be installing Python 3 exclusively from 18.04 (LTS) onward.

All Ubuntu/Canonical driven development should be targeting Python 3 right now, and all new code should be Python 3-only.

CentOS / Redhat still appear to be shipping Python 2

The build system currently expects python 2.

I asked about python3 transition half a year ago on the mailing list, but there was not much feedback.

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