Building Packages for a Specific Firmware


I built a specific LEDE image which uses 'glibc' instead of default 'musl' for running on Raspberry Pi 3. The image is working fine but when I install a new package using 'opkg', I cannot run it and it throws an error. For instance, to install 'tar':

root@LEDE:~# opkg install tar
Package tar (1.29-3) installed in root is up to date.
root@LEDE:~# tar
-ash: tar: not found

How should I install my required packages?

Thanks in advance.


If you use glibc as library you will have no success with installed packages from openwrt package repo, because they are all build with musl c library...
You have to build all packages by yourself and probably host your own package repo.

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Thanks for your reply. How can I compile packages individually without compiling the whole image and then install them one by one on my current firmware?


In make menuconfig, be sure to check the option [*] Build the OpenWrt SDK, then build your firmware image. The resulting SDK allows you to build individual packages that are compatible with your customized firmware.

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