Building packages are throwing perl errors saying can't locate file (eg subversion, not related to perl anyway)


Before, I could build everything in Docker. Now, to make it faster, I running on the bare metal system with Debian.
In Docker I would work, but with many packages I am getting this error:

Can't locate   /etc/perl/ Permission denied at /media/var/openwrt-build/source/scripts/ line 3.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /media/var/openwrt-build/source/scripts/ line 3.

How could I figure it out?

i am trying to build subversion:

Please use the preformatted text button </> (screenshots are nearly impossible to read and can't be indexed)

Likely you've done something as root or with sudo that you shouldn't have.

(or you failed to install the proper prereqs)

the problem is, that this file is not existing (/etc/perl/ and when I build with Docker, it works but the file is still missing.