Building OpenWrt with 16 parallel jobs

i have a debian testing and build via docker with 9 jobs, on a 7700k it takes 4 hours with 6184 packages, and no problems.
with my linux mint ryzen 1700 16 threads it always fails, have to restart, then it works, but more failed packages, the 7700k intel on debian host and debian docker container is perfect.
i think maybe ubuntu host on debian container is worst on the kernel, for sure.

for 2 years i was building serial, took 16 hours, now that i tweaked with multiple jobs, it is only 4 hours.
multiple jobs is very picky. but once you tweak it, you are in heaven

Yes, AMD is rubbish... :face_with_monocle: I run my builds with -j17 on my 1800X. Breakages are few and fare in between.

Maybe you should check if you've been bitten by the bug that some first gen Ryzen CPUs had:

If you're seeing stuff break on Intel I'd wager it has nothing to do with AMD being 'less stable', frankly. Better run with V=s to see what's going wrong instead of jumping to conclusions.

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wow, that must be my random lockups, i never knew, now i know why laptop is shitty on linux. on windows, know error, but in linux, is so unstable, very sad thing.

It's not AMD, at least in my experience. Probably a few thousand builds with -j12 and no issues

model name      : AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Six-Core Processor
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they say it is the first generation is the worst. you are on luck!
i was writing it, it is just not stable to build it, i use the same docker.
i wanted to use the 16 threads, but sometimes it builds, but sometimes it runs, but i run it again then it builds the failed package, that is the problem .
oh and it is Ryzen 1700.
When I bought the laptop, i had the replace it as it was right away turning on 100% blow the ventillator was running so high i could not work with it.
i was not thinking about the laptop is bad, but this Ryzen 1700, is very very picky.

When it is idle it freeezes and the builds are cant build gcc, just after a few restart jobs.

I think i could replace with 2700. the laptop, thinking aloud... i would love to love this laptop , i call is monster. 32gb ram, 8 cores, 16 threads, nvme, it is top notch!

what kernel do you use?

i upgraded kernel to v5 and trying now with that. :slight_smile: i want to use this beast.

for the record, the first build in the morning, the building gcc failures is missing, it is much stable then as i was on kernel 4.15, looks like kernel v5 is much better for ryzen for sure!

If you think this big affects you you should run some tests - like Ryzen-test:


Script to reproduce randomly crashing processes under load on AMD Ryzen processors on Ubuntu 17.04 (!).



Processes related to the build will eventually crash (e.g., segfault). Processes unrelated to the build process might crash as well. An example output of the script where the first process crashed after 153 seconds can be found in "example-output.txt". There, the "last words" from the build process were (logged to "/mnt/ramdisk/workdir/buildloop.d/loop-*/build.log"):

Makefile:761: recipe for target 'get_patches.lo' failed make[5]: *** [get_patches.lo] Segmentation fault (core dumped)

If that shows conclusive evidence apply for an RMA with AMD. I had to do so with my 1800X. Was handled diligently.

do you think i can apply this RMA even though it is in a laptop Ryzen 1700? They will give a newer non faulty CPU?

but it looks like this error is not trigger this crash. the problem is that openwrt build the gcc 5.4, which is so outdated and that is where it crashes.
i know ryzen 1700, there is some freeze, when you are going idle, and i could live it, but 2nd time this morning (i had to tweak before i started the first and worked), so the 2nd time it crashed again.
i will try to use 8 threads, but then i will not reach the speed as my 7700k 8 threads stable 4.4ghz - ryzen 1700 can reach 3200 parallel.

I have overheated (old) multicore AMD laptops before while compiling on a hot day. I overlooked it's a laptop, I wouldn't be surprised this might be due to a faulty design or inadequate cooling (check if your fan ducts etc are clean and there's not dust clogging it).

If it's a socketed CPU and you are positively able to determine it is that particular bug you should file a request with AMD. They might indeed refer you to the OEM since you didn't buy the CPU separately. Only one way to find out.


it looks like it is overheating, as i only running 8 jobs vs 16 jobs, it looks like stable. laptops easy overheating. given ryzen 1700 dekstop cpu in a laptop.

it was hittin 90 celsius, now it is stable at 80 celsius.

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i am getting illegal instruction core dump and segmentfault and many packages that are have no errors on desktop intel. i guess this on a laptop is not for building openwrt.

That smells like the segfault bug. Please test like I suggested. Up to you if you talk to AMD, but you should find out if it's the issue at play or not.

And yes, in general most laptops aren't well suited to extended high loads.

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i give it up, this ryzen 1700 has so many bugs, that is why it was so cheap for an awesome spec.
i contacted AMD, but other guys got a new CPU and get the same errors.

i tracked down the error.
it was overheating, and there was a pci component that cannot be above 70 celsius, but when i was building, it wasa at 92 celsius and that is when it was giving the segfault errors.
there is a setting in windows, ,where i can enable full blow on the ventillator and like that that pci component is always below 70 celsius, in the last hour it is 62 celsius and kill-ryzen test is not throwing no more error at all.
i am super excited.
i burn for 2 hours now, then it is ok, i will try the parallel 16 jobs. :slight_smile: thanks so much for responding to me about my baby laptop!

just for the record: i download and build with parallel 17 jobs at once and no failures. none/nada/zero. this ASUS-ROG-Strix-GL702ZC ( is a beast! It is a desktop board and cpu in a laptop and it was so cheap. 32 gb ram , 16 threads, 500gb nvme, 1 tb ssd, mu mimo wifi, this baby i love so much. it was only the cooling was on auto, on full blow it is cool like a fridge!

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