Building OpenWrt: How to totally disable wolfssl and use OpenSSL for my build?

I have much more dependencies which use OpenSSL instead of wolfssl and I think these two SSL libraries have conflicts.

How to disable it? Seems that make menuconfig cannot deselect wolfssl at al.

see all the package depend on it and change it to use Openssl variant

How can we do it? By editing the .config file directly?

I searched Wolfssl in menuconfig and red though it for installed but iirc network one like luci-ssl (change to luci-openssl) and hostapd or other wifi deamon depend on it and a cert generator


Thank you. I was also looking into that, because somebody pointed me to this quote from the recently changed wolfssl license page:

enterprises who wish to incorporate wolfSSL products into proprietary appliances or other commercial software products for re-distribution must license commercial versions

But I don't know enough legalese to know, if that applies to anybody "just flashing Openwrt" as a value-added-service prior to final installation at the end-customer.

Thank you!

I am not going to use it with AP/Wi-fi so that I should be safe to remove it.