Building OpenWrt for TP-Link Archer C50 v6


I'm trying to build OpenWrt for the Archer C50 v6 which is currently not supported but very close to the v4/v5 which are supported.
I managed to compile and flash OpenWrt but I still have a few (maybe dumb) questions :

How can I build an image containing the same packages as the normal prebuilt images (including the additionnal packages I defined in DEVICE_PACKAGES)

Currently, I've been running the following commands :

./scripts/feeds update -a
./scripts/feeds install -a
wget -O .config
make defconfig
make menuconfig #here I make sure that only the c50v6 is selected

But the built image does not contain the packages "kmod-mt7615e" and "kmod-mt7663-firmware-ap" even though I added these in DEVICE_PACKAGES (in Am I doing something wrong ?

Also, I noticed that the 2.4GHz is listed as "Generic 802.11bgn". While it does seem to work fine, I wonder why it's not named "MediaTek MT76x8 802.11bgn" as on another router I have which uses the same SoC. Does that mean there might be missing packages/kernel modules ?

Finally, I was wondering how to get the proper values for TPLINK_HWID, and TPLINK_HWREVADD in Are these arbitrary values, or should they be linked to something on the hardware itself ?

This router uses a MT7613BEN and a MT7628AN.

In case it's useful, all modifications I made so far are here.

Thanks in advance for the answers & help.

DEVICE_PACKAGES are the correct thing here, but they have a slightly weird quirk, the package listed there are omitted silently, if they are not built (e.g. when coming from an old config that had them explicitly disabled) - have a look if they are indeed enabled (at least as module) in your final .config.

Not an issue, this is purely cosmetic - iwinfo(.git) holds a list of 'known' chipsets based on their PCI IDs, but that's really just to provide a pretty ready to the user and bears no functional value.

Be aware that this chipset has problems with DFS channels, while probably too late for you now, it's not recommended to buy.

Thanks for the answer.

The packages were indeed not selected. I thought they would be automatically added.

I already found out about the DFS issue. When I bought the router there wasn't a lot of information about the V6 and I thought I would get a v4/v5 which uses a different chipset.

I wonder what it would take to add DFS support for that chipset in the driver but I don't think I have the skillset to make that happen.

Thanks anyway

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