Building OpenWrt for the Mikrotik Chateau

I have two Chateau LTE12 and I am willing to try and get Openwrt running on this.

But installation requirements of RouterOS6 is not possible as these devices were released with RouterOS7 only.

They have 16mb flash and 256mb ram, the WiFi is capable of wifiwave2 but Mikrotik will not release the WiFi drivers, the lte12 modem is a quectel eg12 which has been soldered to the board and connects using the MBIM protocol.

These are arm devices similar to the hap ac2, are there any test tftp initramfs images that work with RouterOS7 that I can try to boot?

Once I am getting my device, I will start adding support for this, so let me know if you are really working on it, or just poking around?

Which device, I have two lte12 and a 5g to get Openwrt working on.

They're great devices but Mikrotik refusal to add wave2 wireless drivers and wpa3 support is the reason I am trying to get Openwrt working.

Chateau LTE12

Actually, re-reading your first comment answers my question about the seriousness.

I'm going to try booting the hap ac2 initramfs first, has anyone got the hap ac3 or audience running openwrt yet as I have both to hand.

hap ac3 looks like is running

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Hap-ac2, Hap-ac3 and hap-ac3-lte6--kit all has mainline support already.

Thank you,

you welcome, but for so a small thing?