Building OpenWRT for RTL8196C

Building OpenWRT for RTL8196C:

Last option to switch of is in main menu Network
Compile time is selected or removed? Default is selected, according to the above web site selection, compile is always wrong, remove these two, can be compiled by generating BIN, WHY?

My English is not good, from the Baidu translation.

then go to baidu and ask there. we don't need realtek devices

Why I have it RTL8196C Roter

The first big problem is that the Lexra CPU core found in these chips isn't one of the platforms directly selectable in gcc. So these third-party projects use a hacked up old version of gcc. And everything kind of falls apart from there. Also open-source drivers for Realtek wifi chips are limited.

try this Can RTL8196C be incorporated into the LEDE?

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