Building nginx and ssl for 18.06

I'd like to run nginx with ssl on 18.06. However in that release, the nginx package is built without ssl.
I am aware of the risks involved in running additional internet exposed services on my router. A) I have some mitigations in mind. B) I accept that I can suffer the consequences.

I've seen somewhere that 19.07 will have nginx-ssl available, however it's not clear when this will happen - I would cheerfully run my router with an RC.

I can easily create a virtual machine running Ubuntu or Debian.

Are there instructions anywhere on how to create an environment to build a package, not a full flashable ROM?
Is it possible to create an environment to build a package that will install and run in 18.06 but with the latest development sources of nginx?
Once I've built nginx-ssl, how do I install it in a plain 18.06 router?
Are there other concerns about build and install?

The best there is currently:

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@tmomas thank-you, I had a think and decided to go ahead with installing the snapshot.

Is there any recommendation to re-install periodically, say, every 7 or 14 days?

Personally, except in the event of a resolution of a security vulnerability or a specific feature being added, every few months seems "enough" for me, even on master.

The commit rate on openwrt-19.07 is something of a trickle. I'd consider upgrading as RC (Release Candidate) versions come out, and then definitely when there is a forma release. You can look at the commits on 19.07 at