Building latest release with custom profile

Hi, I have a device that is not yet supported (It's based on a MT7688AN chip that seems to be well supported). However, someone built a profile for it and all necessary patches and after compiling it, it works just fine. However, I'd like to have access to the official OpenWRT repositories and be able to install kmods. Is this possible?

I've read that the vermagic of the kernel needs to match with the official one released. However, the custom profile is not listed in the menuconfig. How do I end up building (from the latest release source code) a profile not yet officially released?

Thank you!

If he built his work on top of a recent enough OpenWrt master fork, you can just apply his patches on top of OpenWrt master (with or without a bit of fiddling). That should be enough to get you going.

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Well it's fairly new. It was forked mid-late December 2020. How would I apply the patches to the master? I thought I needed to compile the latest stable release version in order to keep the same vermagic. How can I add this new profile to the stable release? Thanks!

use the forum search facility... this question comes up once every few months... plenty of info available...

I'm not sure I was completely understood but will search the forum again. Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

Vermagic is really about the exact kernel options and module selections used for image compilation. You will not be able to install official kmods if any option changes or new options have been added or ... In practice you will not be able to install kmods.

Like borromini said, you need to combine your patches, the new device, to the main OpenWrt sources and compile everything you need, including the kmods you want.

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So there's nothing I can do until it gets officially supported maybe in the next stable release, right?
Will make do with the one compiled from source. Thanks!