Building image with old releases+wr840v5v6

Good day.
1)How to "git" or download somehow packages to start build "make menuconfig" with openwrt 18.06.4? Dummy linux newbie requesting assistance :smiley:
(tl-wr840v5 is target)

  1. Is anywhere a solution to install openwrt on tl-wr840v6? I dont need gui, wifi etc, just ssl and ssh, and simple commands like ping,wget etc.( i've heard what its possible to install tl-wr849 openwrt on tl-wr840v6, and this is going to work?

  2. i found one image for wr-840v6 on, but who knows whats inside the box? I must not trust images from strangers, right? :DD

It might work, if you manage to squeeze all those tools into the image. Trial and error, I guess


what do you think about question number 3? :thinking:

I'd try it, but I wouldn't trust it :slight_smile:

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