Building image for VPN USB powered 2x Nic router (RB941-2nD)

I'm figuring out which small device with 2x NIC I can use for a VPN router.

My needed specs are:

  • USB powered (0,5A would be great, 1A... I don't like it :))
  • 2x UTP NIC
  • No wifi (will be turned off otherwise)

After all my searching and because the NEXX WT3020H is not available or you get another device I run into the MikroTik RB941-2nD. Yes I know 32MB but as I don't need much, maybe DHCP to make life easy and maybe maybe some DNS... (I can live withouth both) I wonder if the 32MB still limits me and what I can rip out of the image.

Any ideas about the image or a device that has the same specs (and is not that expensive as well) ?