Building GCC on 18.06 fails. Also GCC package is missing from repo


I'am trying to build 18.06 for my linkit smart 7688 module.
Everything is working so far, except GCC.
I need gcc for octoprint build/install.
So I build my own image with 18.06 and striped ip6v, luci and added things needed for octoprint.
But when i add GCC the build fails. Also GCC is missing from 18.06 package feed, so not posible to install as a package.
GCC works on 17.01.4, but wifi with MT76 is not stable/good on 17.01.4.

Please help



Okay i'am trying to build master now after finding this

Okay, master is working. How do I apply the pull request on 18.06?

You can

  • edit the one file (4 affected lines) by hand in your 18.06 build environment (feeds/packages dir), ,

  • download the PR as patch and then apply it.

    cd feeds/packages
    patch -p 1 -i 054d5273cb8b37520cec524f9e5ab23ba73e282e.patch
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Okay GCC on 18.06 builds with patch applied. :slight_smile: I'am happy, thanks and hope this will end up in final 18.06.

Thanks for testing it.
I can cherry pick it for 18.06

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wooo GCC is big. My image is now 25mb from 3.5mb :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe Ill build it as module/package.