Building for new linux kernel version

Is there any guidance to what one needs to do build openwrt against a new kernel like 5.14?

any tooling etc ?

The easy answer is, you can't.
The reasonable answer is still, you can't.

The real answer is, you need to know exactly what you're doing and how, before setting yourself aside quite some quality time of blood, sweat and tears to actually accomplish this.
x86_64 is easy, (basically) no patches and unbrickable hardware - so that's where you start rebasing the generic patch set (and that's far from easy). Once you have done that, you'll have to peel the onion, as most of the hardware targets are typical embedded stuff, each with its own set of out-of-tree patches interdepending on each other. The more out-of-tree cruft is needed, the harder you go - each target with its own challenges, some patches may have been merged in the mean time, others will have to be kept - some have undergone substantial revisions on the way towards mainline, so be prepared to change the world, to accomodate for these changed patches. That's why the kernel used by OpenWrt lags more behind mainline, than most of us would like - but the whole process needs to be repeated for all 35 targets (and the individual sub-targets), tested and verified on real hardware and fixed up again and again.


thank you both for your reply

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