Building driver with patch and replace on LEDE

Hi all,

I'm using LEDE to build on target TP-Link C2600 with patch to ath10k driver.

I've already have LEDE on C2600, what I want to do is using the modify version of driver module, not to use sysupgrade and replace it on my exist LEDE C2600.

But I can't achieve this now, currently my step is:

  1. rmmod ath10k_pci, rmmod ath10k_core
  2. modprobe /tmp/ath10k_core.ko (modify version)
  3. modprobe /tmp/ath10k_pci.ko (modify version)
  4. Using luci to restart wireless interface (802.11ac)

After this in dmesg I can't saw the modify version of the output. And I need to fallback to use sysupgrade to re-flash LEDE.

How can I avoid this?