Building Audioneex/audio-recognition on linkit 7688 duo cross compile


I have downloaded OpenWrt SDK on my Ubuntu 16.04 for cross compilation and I have succesufully build the helloworld example and uploaded it to my linkit 7688duo end evrything is working fine.

What I need is to build, for the mips architecture.
There are dependencies for audioneex, so I need first to build:

  • Boost 1.66
  • FFTSS 3.0
  • Tokyo Cabinet
  • TagLib
  • FFmpeg
    How can i compile a library for the mips architecture to use it on my SDK.
    I am stuck on the first, I can't even build boost, any advice or help is welcome.


Hello, thank you for your reply. I have installed boost but this is a package I wanted to compile it from source,
but its ok.
I made a little progress with fftss 3.0 so what I done I created a packge for fftss 3.0 and when I compile them it seems evryting is ok it creates the .o files with the MIPS architecture, but I am getting an error when it try to install it. I think the problem is in the make file, this is the line in my make file where i get the error

define Package/fftss-3.0-20071031/install
$(INSTALL_DIR) $(1)/tmp

And this is the output when I compile


I m not sure what this .pkgdir, is, it is empty in my case.


Hello guys,
I made some progress, I have installed all the dependent librrarys and now I m trying to compile audioneex library but I have some promlems It starts to compile but I'm getting an error. This is the error Im getting
Looking for C++ include pthread.h - not found
Could NOT find Threads (missing: Threads_FOUND)
Could NOT find Boost
[!] Boost not found in BOOST_ROOT. Trying user's paths.


I will explain everyting, when I finish.
Please any advice,Thanks