Building an image with DSA support (WRT1900ACSv2)

I'm wanting to build a new 21.02 firmware image for my Linksys WRT1900ACSv2 wireless router. I would like to clarify if I can skip the following packages from being included in the final firmware image as I believe DSA is part of the kernel and the old packages are no longer needed:

  • kmod-swconfig
  • swconfig

As a side note, how do I find out if a device supports DSA? Is there a list of devices that fully support DSA on the OpenWrt Wiki? It'll be handy to know when looking for second hand wireless routers as I try to recommend OpenWrt to friends and family, and I often use pre-owned wireless routers in which I compile the firmware for them with the settings baked in.

I did come across this link below but it has been updated since March.

You can skip those two.

Actually, if you start your config from scratch, those two are not selected...

You can accidentally include them if you are trying to reuse an old 19.07 build config without pruning it first...

swconfig was removed from mvebu in June 2020, well before 21.02 branching in early 2021:

Context from DSA migration:


Maybe I’m missing something super-obvious, but when 21.02 was released I flashed my Linksys WRT1900ACS with a standard OpenWRT factory image (not sysupgrade) and DSA worked fine OOB (getting WAN, LANx interfaces).

Doesn’t that work for you?

My WRT1900ACSv2 is still on v19.07.4. I haven't tried the v21.02 yet as I will need some time to test setting up the VLANs with the UCI commands as I make good use of UCI-default scripts to configure the entire router from a default state.

swconfig to DSA is a pretty big change.

I’m pretty sure you will need to go through the process manually on a live system at least once before you have a chance of scripting it.

Also VLANs are much simpler with DSA, although different, so again my advice is just go for a test-drive right away.

The WRT1900ACS can dual boot anyway, so you should always have a safe revision to go back to :smiley:


Also, based on experience… Scripts mutate a config, so it’s a rather indirect approach, if what you actually want is the config itself.

When I did the swconfig->DSA change literally all config-files except /etc/config/network stayed the same.

Any reason not to just scp/migrate the config-files instead?

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