Building a quick image with the packages removed (and other questions)

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I have 3 Questions and a Suggestion.

  1. How do i remove packages properly ?. When i do remove packages It doesnt free up space only a little it does. And does this still applies.
Due to the way OpenWRT works, deleting files counterintuitively uses more space rather than freeing it up.

OpenWRT has an image, and then an overlay on top of the image to give the appearance of a read/write system. Whatever changes you make get made to the overlay but don’t affect the image at all. Installing new software installs it on the overlay, and deleting packages updates the overlay to say “these packages aren’t available anymore” but doesn’t actually remove them from the image.

If you want to use less space, you have to flash a new image with those packages removed.

If so how do i build a quick image with the packages removed ?. Can't i just remove it manually using winscp ?.

  1. Does Openwrt comes with TFTP Client installed to able to flash via U-Boot ?.

  2. I am using TP-Link Archer c20 AC 750 V4, I was able to flash openwrt using TFTP(U-Boot) method. So if a new Version of openwrt gets release do i need to flash via TFTP or i can just flash it via the WebGUI(Luci).

Create a Discord server. Forums are okay for asking big questions but a discord server would be great you can reach support and describe your issue instantly. And it would be great for small questions like i have asked

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As you implicitly answered, you need to build an image without these packages. Have a read through this

You should be able to upgrade from LuCI.

Thanks. Counter suggestion: When you have multiple questions about different topics, please create different topics for them, with indicative subject.

The thing is this is not a support page but rather a community forum, where different people provide input and seek answers simultaneously. Properly categorizing and titling posts help others who may have the same question as you, and keep the threads tidy and on topic.

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No i haven't. I will now.

Thank you, so i can also flash my modified image via LuCI right ?.

Okay i will move it to the right category. I thought posting multiple questions would be a bad idea it would be like spamming that's why i didn't do that earlier.

If there is no significant change then it should be fine. Just have a good read through the material related to building images because, obviously, you wouldn't wish to flash a non working image.

There is a limit on the number of posts and replies that a new user can post, but reading and participating in the different topics actually help with lifting that limit.

I see okay, To tell you the truth i dont mind having installed packages by default, the thing is i have filled up storage by installing other packages that i dont want now or i installed the incorrect version of it for example a non LuCI package that doesn't have a LuCI UI so i uninstalled it.
So to fix that Can i just re flash the same image from Firmware OpenWrt Install URL or do i have to download the image from Firmware OpenWrt Upgrade URL.

I think i already got promoted to Trusted user so that limit is higher.

Uninstalling packages that are not part off the flashed image should clear space (mostly). You don't need to reflash.

Ah, if your issue comes from packets installed via opkg install or the GUI in the router, you might want to have a look at the contents of /overlay as this is the non-ephemeral persistent storage reserved for added and changed data. You could delete files in there, just make sure these do not contain changes you want/need to conserve...

I uninstall it using the remove button under system>software>installed packages. But that only free up space like 0.001MB or non.

Whats the location of that folder ill use winscp to navigate to it. I installed using GUI from the software tab.

I believe this to be /overlay and then you need to dive into the upper sub directory so:

So the overlay folder will in the root directory from the overlay folder i should go into upper folder then which folder ?

Should you have completely filled up the flash and crashed with a "no space on device" message, there is no good way to recover other than to reset to default settings or re-flash and start over. Attempting to selectively delete files or uninstall packages is unlikely to work.

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