Building a package

Followed the wiki, have a build environment setup on debian. I follow every instruction to a T and get no ipk after compiling?

Quite confused, there are no build errors whatsoever, wiki claims it would be in the bin directory, but it surely is not.

How do I proceed?

By telling us more details, if you want any sensible answers.

Which target? What are the contents of the OpenWrt style Makefile?

Marvell Armada - for a wrt1900acs, havent touched the Makefile, its as cloned from git

Tried following the instructions for nano as given in the wiki but no ipk is built

Edit: cleared directory and went through the entire build process start to finish. no build errors, yet no ipk (or even an executable binary?) for nano is ever created. Obviously, some details are missing from the wiki

You did run make menuconfig and selected the wrt1900acs and the package you want to build, then all the compiling according to the wiki(s) and still there is no bin/packages/... directory where you would find the *.ipk file?

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welp not sure what I had done wrong but just rm -r ./openwrt && reboot then went back through the steps, having no issue now :man_shrugging:

ah well, thanks for the responses!

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