Building a minimal version for Vocore2

I'd like to build a minimal version of OpenWrt for Vocore2 that does not occupies much space. I still need GPIO, I2C, wireless, USB, and microsd to work. Could someone help me with the list of packages that must be included and the packages that must be removed? I'm very confused about that.

Is there anybody there that can help me with it?

I'm curious, as I have a VoCore2 (and a fantastic little gizmo it is, too). Why do you want to trim the image size? I'm satisfied with the stock OpenWRT image for it, so I'm wondering about your intended use case.

I need to install some python packages besides python 3 itself, and sometimes it won't be working with a SD card connected. With the space left by the default openwrt image, it doesn't work.

Gotcha. Now I understand.

Unfortunately, I've no further assistance to offer. I've not played - yet - with rolling my own images, so I don't know what an absolute bare minimum build would require. Hopefully another forum member may be able to advise.

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