Building 19.07 with LuCI

How is this supposed to be accomplished?
I can build a bare image for my platform and netboot it. So, I know process works.

After installing the feeds, and doing a 'make download' I see this:
WARNING: Makefile 'package/feeds/packages/uwsgi/Makefile' has a dependency on 'libpcre', which does not exist

And sure enough, when it tries to build uwsgi (required by LuCi) the build fails because it cannot find any of the pcre supporting libraries.

This was a clean clone, and following these instructions:

Sounds like you are mixing feeds from non-19.07 branch.

The wiki page you linked seems to have wrong info regarding the order of the actions:

As feeds are specific to each branch, you need to

  • first checkout the branch (or release tag), which selection modifies the feed definitions
  • then update feeds and install feeds.

That wiki page sadly suggests otherwise. :frowning:

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That was pretty much. Thanks for that knowledge!

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