Buildbots ALL failing

It looks like the buildbots have been failing to build anything since around the 24th/25th July.....

Partial reason is the switch to python3, as one of the buildslaves is missing the python3 and quickly fails builds and rotates throgh all targets marking them failed. @jow has already asked the slave's manager to fix things there.

But additionally, there are also no binaries after July 25th from the few targets that have been built by other slaves after that, so it is quite possible that there is something faulty in the build upload config. The python3 problem has just mainly hidden that upload problem.

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The situation is being corrected. New images have already been built for approx half of the targets, and most the packages have also got refreshed:

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Thankyou, it looks better now. Is/was this the same issue for 19.07 and 18.06?
The 19.07 packages have now rebuilt, but the 18.06 has not. There has been a backport I was expecting...

No specific idea about the problem, but looks like the 18.06 packages buildbot has not uploaded anything since 15.7.2019, although builds have frequently got built. (Images have been built and uploaded on the phase1 buildbot, so the problem is only about 18.06 packages.)

@jow fixed something for the master buildbot's upload, but looks like 18.06 packages needs similar attention.

Looks like a new 18.06 packages buildbot has been initialised, and the build and uploads have started, but it will take some time until all targets have been compiled.

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