Buildbot Multilib support (node for 32-bit targets on next major release)

I have a current version of master installed on my Netgear R7800 (arm_cortex-a15_neon-vfpv4) but the node package is not available for download from because I guess the buildbot cannot build it for a 32-bit target.

Apparently the buildbot lacks multilib support. With the upcoming release on the horizon I am wondering if someone is working on this.

Node should be available for 32-bit targets on the next major release shouldn't it?


That topic has been raised on IRC yesterday, to summarize the discussion, it probably won't be changed anytime soon, as it requires active participation from all buildbot maintainers and the according coordination. That doesn't mean it's impossible, but to my understanding a low priority topic with no immediate timeframe attached. Changing build dependencies on the buildbot side is not done easily, it's a change that affects many users whose builds will no longer succeed (the brief requirement of GNU time rather than relying on the shell-builtin still shows its disruptive effects), as well as arranging the host-side buildroot changes with the administrators of contributed ressources.

Disclaimer: I'm not an OpenWrt developer, nor involved in this topic at all, merely trying to report the answer already given to someone else on IRC.

That is sad, but I cannot fix it either.

I would like to suggest to document this issue and provide an easy to follow (low-level) guide on how to build and deploy missing packages locally.