Build with custom settings

Hi Guys,

Could someone tell me a way to change the initial settings before building the image?

Ex: change the 'httpd' port from 80 to 8080 ..
set default root password ..

Sorry for the layman's question, I tried to search the forum and I didn't find it (or didn't know how to search it right ..)

Well if you're building (ie compiling) your own image, you can use the forward slash as a search function in the buildroot to locate what you need.

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I don’t see a specific config setting unfortunately , so looks like you’d need to modify this file

Or bake your own changes into the file /etc/httpd.conf before the image is assembled

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+1 for that.

You can include your own settings as custom files in image.

Also works with imagebuilder, if you are using that instead of the whole toolchain


Thank you very much for your advice, gentlemen!
Got what to do what I needed

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