Build two Kernel Modules

I tried to add 2 kernel modules to my build. I did that with the command "make kernel_menuconfig" in which I chose the modules.
It was the modules "nf_conntrack_sip" and "nf_nat_sip".
Then I called "make menuconfig" and ended. Next, I updated the make .config with "make oldconfig" and built the build with make.
When I installed the image "openwrt-x86-64-combined-squashfs.img.gz" via sysupgrade on the router both modules were not installed. What am I doing wrong?
Greetings from Stefan Harbich

why you run "make oldconfig" with your "new config" ?

make menuconfig save as .config and use this for compile "make -j4"

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If you didn’t do so, the modules might need to be selected in make menuconfig. You may also need to remove tmp/ from the OpenWrt build root.

under make menuconfig I find the modules "nf_conntrack_sip" and "nf_nat_sip" not. Only under make kernel_menuconfig.
Greetings from Stefan Harbich

After deleting the tmp directory and rebuilding and installing the image. Unfortunately the same result. In make menuconfig I can not find the modules.

You might find some help at

(I have not added kernel modules myself, but that page looks helpful.)

When I built the two kernel modules "kmod-nf-nathelper" and "kmod-nf-nathelper_extra" via make menuconfig and installed the image, the modules "nf_conntrack_sip" and "nf_nat_sip" were in there and could be loaded.

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