Build snapshot need release tag?

I build my firmwares for ZBT WE-826 because I need to customize leds and install modemmanager. Now I'm building for the first time a snapshot but I have two proplems, I compiled the .dtsi for the leds but doesn't works and I install modemmanager but the dependencie dbus give error dbus[5139]: Failed to start message bus: Failed to open "/dbus-1/system.conf": No such file or directory.

Could I have this issed because I doesn't set the release tag? When I build a stable I see that .dtsi and .dts files are renamed and led works as should.

No, aside from the (mostly cosmetic-) version info itself, tags are not necessary for building OpenWrt.

So why .dtsi are renamed when I do git checkout? Seems that snapshot is compiled without my customization. I follow this tutorial: Quick Image Building Guide

users of this forum are severely lacking in telepathy skills... so are unable to extract those details via traditional mind reading methods...

please provide detail on what you are discussing...

( files, paths, changes, versions, commands, effects, copy pastes, print screens... any information you have on what exactly you are really talking about here )

let me see if my telepathy is still what is used to be... does;

git log <dir containing(ed) dts>

from master/snapshot shed any light on your predicament?

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Ok, I'll try to explain better.

The firmware for my router lack of lan led support (I need to turn off leds because are too bright). So on stable releases I modded ZBT-WE826.dtsi adding lan1-4 led control.

On snapshot I do the same process but here the ZBT-WE826.dtsi file is named mt7620a_zbtlink_zbt-we826.dtsi. I tried to mod in the same way but this time lan leds setup isn't present.

Command git log </Desktop/openwrt/target/linux/ramips/dts> gives "bash: sintax error neat token not expected "newline"".

I wish to be more clear now.

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Not really, but what about an alternative solution?

Duct tape.


I solved this problem with a Ikea Billy bookshelf. Removed the rear part for cooling and put everything with blinking shining lights in the bookshelf with a massive door in the front.

It became like a complete NOC inside and no one notice it in the apartment.

A quick solution:

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Great solutions, I don't know how I didn't understand it by myself!