Build probrem MZK-750DHP(ramips 7620a+7610e)

I tried build Openwrt for MZK-750DHP(with kmod-mt76x0e support),but it was failed.

Here is log

Here is config

Anyone to help???


There are some pre-reqs that need to be GNU-flavored, if so.

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Thank you for ur reply.Im using LinuxMint 19.1(x64).
And I already installed all these build dependencies.

subversion g++ zlib1g-dev build-essential git python time libncurses5-dev gawk gettext unzip file libssl-dev wget libelf-dev build-essential libncurses5-dev python unzip

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configuration written to mzk750dhp_test.config


mv mzk750dhp_test.config .config

Thanks a lot!!! It was worked correctly.

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