Build Package windows 10

Is it possible to build packages on windows 10? Only VM?

You need a UNIX/Linux system to build on. Should work in a VM as well. You might wanna try WSL (preferably v2 that comes with build 2004).

I created a docker based Package-builder a while back, which is designed to recompile packages with different settings or apply unmerged patches, without setting up a full sdk yourself.

Back than i used, tested dockers "LCOW" (Linux Containers on Windows) mode, but not sure if LCOW is still available in the newer Docker versions, since they also switched to WSL i think. You may give it a try, maybe it still works on windows. If not, yes you need WSL2 or a VM to either run my Builder scripts or use the official SDK.

WSL2 works fine with Ubuntu 18.04 and following the guides:

The same setup on Ubuntu 20.04 doesn't work for me, keeps throwing compile errors.

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