Build OpenWRT 19.07.7 for AMD64 with NVMe driver


I'm trying to get OpenWRT to work on a PC I just built to be my new router, but it seems it's unable to load root because I'm using NVMe SSD.

I followed to make a custom build, it's currently compiling and haven't got any error. But it's only for learning, I looked around on makeconfig and couldn't find where to enable NVMe driver.

I'd like to not use a custom build on production, I'd rather use stable 19.07.7. If it's indeed the NVMe driver I'm lacking, it's the only thing I need changed from it.

Where do I enable the driver so I can test if it's the issue?

And, if it is, what's the safest way to add it? Would I be able in example to change only the kernel and leave the rest intact?

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