Build of 17.01.3 has started

I opened some random images with a hex editor, kernel is 4.4.89
Waiting for complete changelog...

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This is great! I was wondering if/when we would see the next formal release of LEDE (especially as a function of the eventual re-merge with OpenWRT (unless things have changed), I didn't know if we would see another LEDE 17.01.x version).

Thank you @angelos as well as the rest of the development team!!

Cool :hugs:

I asked this question in another post, but it might more accurately be asked here:

When I pull that branch, why don’t I see all of the latest hardware - for instance the 16 MB and the 32 MB builds of MT7621 --> ZBT WG3526?

I don’t understand the release structure. Is this not the latest commits off the trunk? I see those builds from the trunk. What is the release process?

When would we see a “stable” release of the latest hardware that shows in the trunk?

Thanks for all the work!

No. 17.01.3 is a maintenance "dot release" from the "stable branch" 17.01 that branched off in January 2017.

The next major release will then be branched off from the current master (trunk).

Ah. Ok - I suppose that makes sense.

What are the plans for a major release?


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I was asking when there would be another major release that would include the latest from the trunk. i.e. like a 17.02, or whatever number ...

Looking forward to updating my LEDE devices to the latest. Thanks to the entire team for all the hard work.

I did notice that new device support was not added as part of this maintenance release. I would imagine that this would be slated to be part of the next major release. Is there news as to if this next major milestone will be a LEDE release or part of the OpenWRT remerge? And is there any news to be shared about the timelines of either the next major LEDE update or the remerge and release of a new version of OpenWRT?

Many thanks to everyone at LEDE, 17.01.3 is running great on my wrt1200 v1.

Just updated after i saw the email from Stijn and got some help in #lede and #openwrt thanks @angelos and team
Works awesome on my Linksys WRT1200AC :slight_smile:

I think it's worth mentioning that the buildbots have finished building 17.01.3.

what about fixing led lights on TP-Link archer C2600? i just have power, LAN and WAN led lights and do not have all others like wi-fi, USB etc.....