Build for WRT3200ACM (Discontinued)

@cybrnook, I lifted a patch to get the sata LEDs working on this series. I have tested this on rango and mamba (surprise, surprise, it behaves differently on the mamba). If so inclined here she be. Note: the usb led change is not in this patch.


Max throughput on 5ghz on top of the router and in my room upstairs was 71mbps, wifi driver needs some more work I guess. On the latest beta still running like a dream with cake qos and ethernet though. This might be the max throughput on my phones snapdragon 801 hmm. Don't have a stronger wifi chip to test atm.

Just wondering how long it take them to finally fix their wifi driver. Anyway, still deciding between a WRT1700ACS refurbished (CAD$170) or a TPlink C2600 brand new (CAD$130).

Well lets see now. WRT1900AC V1 came out in 2014. Still have wireless driver issues. So to answer your question maybe never? :wink: I have seen throughput improve over the years on my WRT1900AC V1.. Am using a WRT1900ACS V1 with cybrnook's r3157 beta currently

I personally do not see the drops etc that some folks report on their WRT1900ACx routers. I think in some cases, they were not assigning a channel leaving it in auto select which in my experience may mean a channel that the end devices cannot see do to regulations and the router was on a non-supported channel. Saw this just the other day on DD-WRT forum.

Yeah wifi throughput isn't amazing but everything else is. 3157 is gut

Moved my exFAT questions to here Mounting USB: block info block detect not able to see exFAT [solved]

Its about the exFAT USB not be able to listed by block info, mount and detect. But the USB can be mounted by linux mount command.

Decided to try my luck and bought a wrt1900ac v2 from ebay. So I suppose I can not load my old settings from the v1 into the v2? Tia To be honest, I am not a big fan of Tp-link.

geardb? If so, you should probably expect a shelby-v2 rather than a cobra. Six of one, half dozen of the other, except for this.

Nice, new stable version. Getting ready to test it on my used AC v2 once arrived.

Whoooo, things have been busy (work). I know I know @anomeome :slight_smile: I want to try the patches you and @mkresin are working on, just haven't had much time. I am also testing 2 x Asus routers at the moment, but I WILL BE BACK :slight_smile: should be no more than a week or two. And @mkresin, I still own you the config from the ACv2. While I am at it, do you need it from any other model?

With that said

Stable - 3045
Beta - 3210

Cool. Can't wait for my new toy which is coming from Calgary.

I hope this one works out better for you. Behavior from your last one was quite weird, never had any of those issues.

Once it arrives and stable, I am going to sell the ea6900 and get a c2600 to play. The range of the wrt is superior than the ea6900, I have one blind spot upstairs. I can get 5ghz signal with the wrt and still can get about 10mbps down and 2mbps up while with the ea6900 there is no 5ghz signal. this is with my cell, a LG G3.

No, only the confirmation that it's working on the ACv2 delays the commit of my patch. And I'm still surprised that it doesn't work for you out of the box.

It did work for the most part. However a USB3.0 thumb drive on USB2 port did not light up the small dot. However the overall USB led was lit up.

Yeah that was what you wrote already. But the patch is about adding support for the usb 3.0 dot bellow the USB2 led.If it doesn't work, there is no point to changing the AC v2 config at all.

And as I already wrote, in your find /sys/ -iname usb* output is no line beginning with /sys/devices/platform/soc/soc:internal-regs/f1011000.i2c/i2c-0/0-0068/leds/pca963x:cobra:white:usb3_2/. Which smells like your /etc/config/system isn't updated/created correctly and I pleased you to paste/attach this file, so that I can check if all expected lines are present.

Correct, and as I wrote, I will work on getting it to you (need to hook the router back up). That's when I also asked if you need files from any other router other than just ACv2. Sounds like you don't........ So, I still own you that config. Will try and get it to you soon. But please don't let me hold you up if you want to proceed.

Is this change still the "current" change you are proposing. I will try and test again tonight for you.

For what its worth. Installed your latest beta, r3210. I have a USB3 flash plugged into USB1 and a USB2 flash in USB2. Both lights now work on my wrt1900acs v1. Interesting is that the USB1 light is brighter then the USB2 light. Is this a way of indicating USB3 versus USB2?

As you know I have a wrt1900ac v1 if some testing needs to be done on it. Just let me know.

Thanks @billmy1228