Build for WNDR3700v1/v2 / WNDR3800


There is no reason why sysupgrade wouldn't work.


So what functions can I expect will be missing in the official build with regard to routing and wifi? I always used hnyman's build...

I had the impression that hnyman has cherry-picked commits and patches, or is everything available as installable packages?


Routing and wifi are the same. It is mostly about package selections.

For example, my build has wpad instead of wpad-mini so that there is a bit more wifi authentication possibilities.

But you can install most f the packages yourself, if you want.


Thanks, I'll make sure to replicate the "installed packages" list from your build then.
BTW, there are parallell but independent versions of this discussion thread on openwrt and lede forums. Do you consider the openwrt thread deprecated?


Both threads are valid, and I still update the download info there. But this forum is currently much more active, partially maybe because this offers better functionalities like user targeting. (And as all development happened on the LEDE side since early 2016, many active users switched to this forum.)



The newest master build contains soft-brick protection for LuCI from jow

In case the user makes a config change via LuCI that breaks connectivity from PC to the router, the router automatically rolls back to the old config (and then warns the user about the impact and offers the possibility to forcibly apply the config despite the impact).

This should prevent accidental connectivity losses e.g. via firewall changes, wifi SSID changes, router IP changes, VLAN changes long as those changes are made via LuCI.

Explanations (and source commits) in


Thanks, sounds as a good feature!

Is it possible to use a skin for Luci in your build? I would like to change to the looks and handling of Attitude Adjustment. I have the recent build on a test router and it feels very minimalistic and limited compared to AA.


Don't quite understand the comparison to AA, especially that "limited" sounds strange.
But yes, you can use a LuCI theme. Default is Bootstrap, but also Openwrt and Material are downloadble and installable via opkg. (I guess that AA still had the old "Openwrt" theme as default.)

But the theme, skin, does not have impact on functionality.
If you wan't more LuCI modules and functionality, install them via opkg.


Thanks, I'll have a look into that.
With limited I meant the menu structure, plain look and appearant more mouse movements to do the same. I'm not a fan of the '1998 style' web look :slight_smile: . I'll check the OpenWRT skin, I was worried that another (old) skin would lose functionality in v17.x.


The LuCI rollback code is still under development, so I made a normal build this time


@hnyman Thanks for the inspiration. I've used your code base for all of my personal builds since.



New test version of LuCI rollback feature. Some timing have been tweaked and some apps like SQM and adblock fixed to work ok.


Dear Hnyman,

I have been a happy user of your wndr3700v2 builds for a number of years now (removing the need to build my own firmwares completely, much appreciated by my family). But since a few days I have problems accessing the dropbox link from the first post, that is I can reach that link, but instead of seeing the contents I see a constantly turning circle indicating that the page is still not fully loaded. I see this on fully patched macos 10.13.4 with firefox, chrome and safari, it used to work without issues up to BUILD_ID="r6787-097f3aadec" which I downloaded and installen 20180430 (that is the last version I installed, I am not 100% sure that the directory listing disappeared immediately after, but I have been trying since a before the weekend now with pretty much the same result). Now this might be an issue with my macos install so I would love to hear others' success stories, so I can go figure what is wrong/what changed on my end.

Best Regards


same here. upon reaching hnyman's dropbox, i got stuck on the constantly turning circle. i don't suspect there is anything wrong on your end.


Interesting, because I have done no changes to dropbox logic.
Downloads should work just like earlier


i made another attempt. still stuck on the constantly spinning circle. even the openwrt forum is down. i figure it must be one of those days when many things around the house start breaking. time for another home depot or lowe's run.


Does it work with this:


Looks like they have somehow changed the sharing links in Dropbox


both are working. that's cool.


Good to hear.
I updated the link on the top post.


sweet. thanks as always.