Build for WNDR3700v1/v2 / WNDR3800 (discontinued)

Nothing special related to my build, I think.
Might be key uhttpd format related. You might test with "-inform DER"

Google for "pem or der"

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I have one more question. Do you know if packages like kmod-switch-RTL8366S have any value for WNDR3700 v2 router which has RTL8366S switch?

To my knowledge all needed hardware drivers are already included in the default selection. (and you can't install buildbot kmods to private builds)

I installed the latest build ( master-r16077-785ab2b62c-20210303) and it seems like traceroute is broken on the Network/Diagnostics page. It only outputs:
traceroute: NO OPT x!

But it is not working on the previous build too.

I get the same error when executing from an ssh shell:

root@openwrt:~# traceroute
traceroute: NO OPT x!

traceroute does not have any option -x, so I assume it has something to do with how it was compiled.

Feel free to file a bug. There is nothing special in my build.
Seems to happen also from the SSH console


ok, thanks for the quick reply!

oh, somebody was quicker...

We likely need the fix for busybox:

Busybox 1.33 branch log shows that the fix has been backported to 1.33 branch today :wink:


I made a PR about the fix

cool, thank you!

A few builds ago (2-3) openvpn stopped working. I helped myself by installing the previous version: openvpn-openssl_2.5.1-2_mips_24kc.ipk, which is perfectly running. The newer version does not start for some reason: daemon.err openvpn(server_config)[5911]: WARNING: Failed running command (--up/--down): could not execute external program

Do you have an idea what's going wrong here?

No idea. I don't use it myself.
(And openvpn is not included in the build)

Hi again,

Is it possible to install kmod-br-netfilter on your build? Since they are snapshots, they differ from stable default builds and there is kernel incompatibility

I'm currently using this image OpenWrt 21.02-SNAPSHOT r16051-15cd9a5d5c

You need to compile it by yourself. I have no need for it.

Looks like the network config in master and 21.02 will deviate quite a lot from 19.07. The handling of bridges, devices & ports is changing quite a lot.

I will likely stop building 19.07 quite soon, as downgrading from master or 21.02 to 19.07 with the new settings will not be possible.

I will retire this build. The WNDR3700v1, WNDR3700v2 & WNDR3800 are antiqued devices, especially regarding the wifi standards. The build has been in maintenance mode for some years now (after the ath79 transition), so now is time to close the chapter.

The build started in early 2011 using OpenWrt Backfire 10.03 (still with kernel 2.6.32.x...):

30 Jan 2011, 13:24
I have built a rather minimalistic build for WNDR3700v1, WNDR3700v2 and WNDR3800 focusing just on the features I need. This is pretty much the basic IPv6 enabled router setup matching the WNDR3700 hardware without too much additional fancy stuff.

10,5 years and a bit over 2000 builds later, IPv6 support is mainstream and our Linux kernel is already 5.4 (almost 5.10).

Ps. If a serious recent bug surfaces in the next few days, (e.g. something in the recent netifd changes), I might still do a last build, but otherwise I am stopping now.


Thank you for all your efforts on this build @hnyman .

I still have two of these boxes (3700v2) but a R7800 is the main device these days. Also powered by hnyman :slight_smile:

I just copied the last build for the archive.

Thank you for all your efforts on this build @hnyman huge contribution to the community

Thankyou to my trusty wndr3700v1 (which I accidentally flashed v2 firmware several times and recovered) for being such a brilliant device

Nothing before or since has come close in design, stability and support...

I'm sorry to hear that, I'm still using 3800 as the main one. I will use automatic builds or look for a new router.
Thank you for supporting these devices for such a long time.