Build for WNDR3700v1/v2 / WNDR3800 (discontinued)

ok I got it
thank you ! @hnyman

Hi @hnyman
I found the internet speed on your previous build environment with fastpatch are more fast than your new ones
Did it happen to you ?

I briefly tested fastpath a few months ago, but did not get enough benefits and wanted to keep sqm, so I dropped fastpath from the build. Haven't tested it for a while

OK, I got it
Thank you @hnyman

I'm looking at using my WNDR3800 as a wwan router.
I'm just wondering which mobile broadband protocols the device could work with.

I could use the list on the DD-WRT site to look for an appropriate device.

You can install pretty much any normal Openwrt/LEDE package into the router. As it has one USB port, many USB based mobile phone dongles should work ok. My build includes rudimentary support for USB-based 3G-dongles (luci-proto-3g, kmod-usb-serial, kmod-usb-serial-wwan, usb-modeswitch), but if your dongle will require any additional kernel support, you need to compile the firmware by yourself (or use a release build).

Will WNDR3700v4 have linux kernel 4.14 support?
And does new WPA3 standard need additional hardware or is it just a software update?

No idea about that router, as this thread is only about my build for WNDR3700v1/v2 / WNDR3800


hi Hnyman
I got following error message while excuting hnscripts/

error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge:
Please, commit your changes or stash them before you can merge.

I tried git stash && git pull && git stash pop,but I'm not sure this is ok

please help me

You need to do that in feeds/packages directory, as the conflict is that repo.

And depending on your repo's status, it may be easier just to reset the changes to wget, as there are currently no special changes in my build. You might try in feeds/packages:
git reset HEAD net/wget
git checkout -- net/wget

it works,awesome !
thank you very much my idol!

I am about to switch the WAN on my WNDR3800 to a 4G USB stick using NCM protocol so need some kernel additions as described on
Alas, considering the previous discussion about kernel modules (below) it seems I need to switch away from your build. I'm not into compiling myself so have found the official LEDE firmware links here

Is this the way to go or would you recommend some other build?
Is this build similar enough to yours so that a sysupgrade would work?

There is no reason why sysupgrade wouldn't work.

So what functions can I expect will be missing in the official build with regard to routing and wifi? I always used hnyman's build...

I had the impression that hnyman has cherry-picked commits and patches, or is everything available as installable packages?

Routing and wifi are the same. It is mostly about package selections.

For example, my build has wpad instead of wpad-mini so that there is a bit more wifi authentication possibilities.

But you can install most f the packages yourself, if you want.

Thanks, I'll make sure to replicate the "installed packages" list from your build then.
BTW, there are parallell but independent versions of this discussion thread on openwrt and lede forums. Do you consider the openwrt thread deprecated?

Both threads are valid, and I still update the download info there. But this forum is currently much more active, partially maybe because this offers better functionalities like user targeting. (And as all development happened on the LEDE side since early 2016, many active users switched to this forum.)


The newest master build contains soft-brick protection for LuCI from jow

In case the user makes a config change via LuCI that breaks connectivity from PC to the router, the router automatically rolls back to the old config (and then warns the user about the impact and offers the possibility to forcibly apply the config despite the impact).

This should prevent accidental connectivity losses e.g. via firewall changes, wifi SSID changes, router IP changes, VLAN changes long as those changes are made via LuCI.

Explanations (and source commits) in

Thanks, sounds as a good feature!

Is it possible to use a skin for Luci in your build? I would like to change to the looks and handling of Attitude Adjustment. I have the recent build on a test router and it feels very minimalistic and limited compared to AA.

Don't quite understand the comparison to AA, especially that "limited" sounds strange.
But yes, you can use a LuCI theme. Default is Bootstrap, but also Openwrt and Material are downloadble and installable via opkg. (I guess that AA still had the old "Openwrt" theme as default.)

But the theme, skin, does not have impact on functionality.
If you wan't more LuCI modules and functionality, install them via opkg.