Build for TP Link CPE210 v2

This is build for CPE 210 v2 since due to PCB design error bootstrap settings are wrong and the reference clock is not detected correctly.
Until a patch that won't disturb other devices is written I will post my builds for CPE210 v2 here.

Build is based on LEDE master branch.
Based on master branch commit: 9fe59abef8bde3b7f32868873c4e1f76e9222d46

Only thing that I include other than default stuff is Luci.

You can download it here:

Flashing is simple, just flash through WEB UI using factory image.


New version 26.11.2017. was released.
Only difference is that modes other than Master/Client should work thanks to patch by @nybash

i have v1 , can i use it? because i see that tp-link is using same builds for them both!!

NO,you cant since they are not the same.
Almost everything including SoC was changed

ok thank you!

Hello Robimarco,

Thanks for your work, how i can buil CPE210 V2 from your sources? I want test, learn and contribute, thanks a lot.


Well,there is no need for you to build your own image.
You can find download link in the first post

Hello robimarco, I saw your first post, but I want build from source to learn and add some packages to test, thanks a lot

Ok,if you want that then

Just replace git clone lede with git clone -b CPE210-v2-unified --single-branch lede


Thanks for your work and help, I will try build.


The images from don't seem to contain the current version of Is there now a new place where I can download the new images?

Finally got around to cleaning up the branch and refreshing patches to use proper patches provided by Sven Eckelmann.
Now it is based on current master.

Boots and SSID is broadcasted.
I did not test further.

New images are available here:

Also,PR to merge support for this device should be made soon.