Build for TP-Link Archer C1200-AC1200

Btw, an OpenWrt hacker sent me a firmware dump that allowed me to unbrick my router. I documented that in my blog post above as well, in case that may be useful to someone some day.
Enjoy !

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@florent Good read!
I ordered mine off Amazon and was disappointed when I saw my version too.
Sadly I don't have the skills to get this working myself, here's hoping..

please, can someone upload their modified C1200 v2 EU config.bin file? i'm not that knowledge-able to do the complete procedure myself, but i need more channels on 5ghz.


does this method still work with latest firmware config file ? LINK latest firmware:


I confirm that even on the latest firmware available for the eu version (v1) the method posted above still works...I wonder what is the best country to set to have more transmission power..

What is best practise at the moment for C1200v1 at the moment? - Any working version available now?


Just wanna let you know with OEM-FW I get around 945 Mbit/s Up/Down from LAN-WAN Perforance and around 550 Mbit/s up with Iphone12 on 5GHz, but unstable between 100 Mbit/s - 300 Mbit/s down. With Huawei P20 I get 300 Mbit/s down and around 100 Mbit/s - 200 Mbit/s up from Wifi-WAN Performance.


I was trying to TFTPD the OpenWRT image onto the Archer C1200 Ver. 1.0. The image requested by the router is "ArcherC1200v1_eu_tp_recovery.bin". When renaming OpenWRT image to "ArcherC1200v1_eu_tp_recovery.bin" it does load it, but later doesn't seem to be able to flash to the new firmware. I notice the sshd change on the router, it asks about the new ssh key, but I wasn't able to ssh in as "root". I couldn't find the original "ArcherC1200v1_eu_tp_recovery.bin" file to reflash it to Stock firmware. Maybe if I get the original firmware working on it, it could be reflashed to OpenWRT again (like I have previously suceeded once). So my question is how to proceed, or where to find this exact Stock file " ArcherC1200v1_eu_tp_recovery.bin"?