Build for Netgear R7800

From what I understand, SQM is gonna be on the same CPU as the WAN port (eth0). It is beneficial for gaming to have both LAN (eth1) and WAN (eth0) on the same CPU.
OpenWRT is missing tools for fine-grain CPU affinity control, so the nuclear option here is isolcpus=1 or isolcpus=0 (a kernel boot parameter that requires building an image): it takes a CPU away from the kernel and it will never place any process on it. So all processes are now running on the other CPU and the isolated one can be manually managed by assigning IRQ's to it.

The CPU irq tweaking discussion and the performance discussion would be better placed in the R7800 exploration thread, as this has nothing to do specifically with my build.

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what happen i use owrt1806-20190630 or other version
My 2.4G wifi Download speed only 40~50Mbps....
I use internet is 300M/100M

Now I back to owrt1806-20190609....

There is no specific change made to my build's wifi or network components in 18.06. And also in the main OpenWrt sources, there are just a few kernel bumps and a hostapd security fix, but hard to see how that could have cut throughput severely.

commit log from the 20190630 build backward:;a=shortlog;h=b84f761d91646520d46abcfbdc79b64079a87f60

ok I SEE

from what I see its still on 4.14

that's not master/trunk

I'm positive it's trunk, the link says "master":;a=history;f=target/linux/ipq806x;h=34118b410fa5ba0198498bb0c57daef292145914;hb=refs/heads/master

gitweb shows the exact commits

ipq806x is still at kernel 4.14 and looks like cake was deleted from the source tree by @ldir due to a (wrong) assumption that all major targets are already with 4.19 that includes cake in the upstream Linux.

There will be trouble in building SQM for ipq806x as cake is a dependency for it.

Edit: Looking at the buildbot snapshots, the cake kmod still gets built, but is empty. So, SQM can still be built, but cake qdisc will not work.

Ah, ooops. Yes indeed I thought that relevant targets were on 4.19, or at least soon would be. There's been discussion about trying to reduce the number of packages/specials held in the base repository, cake at least was marked as something that didn't need to be there.

The patch was in patchwork for a week or so and got no response. I'll have a chat whether a possible direction is to put an 'out of tree' version in openwrt/packages.

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Hmm wondering why ipq806x is still on k4.14 and not 4.19? ie. what's the hold up?

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chunkeey's forward port to v4.19 is working pretty nicely on ipq8065/ nbg6817 for me, but additional DTS changes will be needed to get the new mainline USB drivers working (I personally don't use USB on my router); see R7500v2 kernel 4.19 test for details.

If SQM is desired, it shouldn't take interested parties that long to get ipq806x bumped to v4.19, probably a better solution than short term package (re-)introductions.

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Been wondering this too want to test it on my R7800. (For what it's worth, new kernel 4.19 builds off Master have been running great on my WRT32X.)

Would you prefer the snapshot build over the 18.06.4? I play games, CoD. The game plays well on low speed. I wan’t stable ping with low speed. Do you think this is more optimized for gaming?

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Ever heard about summer vacations and traveling?


Hi Hnyman,thanks for your hard working for such long time.Recently I'm using your latest firmware(master-r10506-cbae306815-20190715-ct) on my R7800. mostly it works fine.but for some reason that I can't set my 5g wirless on 160 mhz mode. could you have any idea that how to make 160 mhz works ? Do I need upgrade driver or somthing else? thanks

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Hi, I see that for 19.07 there's no package available, but, there's a way to have some package?
I specially need the one for no-ip DDNS service
Sorry if this question was already placed, I'm quite new with OpenWrt and I don't know yet all

Sure. You can compile firmware and packages by yourself.
Devs have not yet initialised the buildbot for 19.07, so there are no downloadable packages, yet.

But as you need no-ip ddns extension, which is simply shell script code if I remember right, you could likely simply use the respective package from master. Download the .ipk to your router and install it with opkg from SSH console. You may need to override some opkg warnings, but the script likely works ok.

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I always thought that the master was the develop one and for this I installed the stable one. That is that I search.
I either not noob or expert on linux, I can manage easy problems, but I don't know if I'm able to compile by myself. Is a cross-compiling? Or is possible to do on router?

Btw, can I've from you an advice?
I need to install openvpn server and client, then ddns from no-ip and at lat some pbr rules, so I think I definitely need the packages, am I right? Do you think is better to me to install the "old" release instead this one?

Many thanks, Jo