Build for Netgear R7800

do you only notice this while viewing load average from luci? If so, have you seen this?

an attempt to set option max_requests 1 was made but was reverted (see here) as concurrent requests are apparently needed. I tried setting max_requests to 1 and my symptoms went away without other issues but I've sent set it back to 3 as I don't use luci much...


Might be however could just be coincidence as well.
Once it starts the only remedy is to restart nlbwmon. If so the issue is in implementation and not simply with number of concurrent requests. Otherwise it would be straight forward to reproduce but it's not.

Since this issue is not specific to the community build that this topic is about, it would be best to open a new topic for this issue.

I have moved nlbwmon discussion to

@ hnyman many thanks for the frequent builds.



First build from the stable openwrt-19.07 branch.

Currently there is not much difference to master, but the 19.07 will soon start to deviate from master, as development goes on in master while 19.07 remains the stable release branch.

Based on the branch name, the official 19.07.0 release is expected for July (but can get postponed to August).

I will soon start to phase out the 18.06 builds.

NOTE: there is no 19.07 buildbot yet, so there are no add-on packages for 19.07. If you need to install something, you could try downloading and installing master snapshot packages, and possibly force the install and hoe that the package works...

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Thanks for the new stable build @hnyman! I have been successful in recreating the build environment and able to create images, but I've searched through the forum. Although I haven't found if it was possible to modify the script to be able to build a 18.06.2 stable build with your patches if someone can direct me to what I need to modify in the script if it's possible sorry still new to all of this not sure if I should have posted here or created a new thread. Thanks everyone!

Easiest would be to simply download the scripts from my newest 18.06 build and to create the build env with them. 18.06 requires different patches than master, so you need those anyway.

And note that likely you should build from the 18.06 head to get the newest fixes, instead of the half-year old 18.06.2 release. If you really want the old 18.06.2, read advice from this thread

I'll stick with the scripts how you said they really do help clear things up and stay up to date with the newest fixes. Thank you!

do i need to update your patches? (i'm using patches i thing a couple of months old)
should i also re-create the build environment?
or can i simply go on building in the same way (with my menuconfig and packages' modifications)?
thanks a lot

Most likely, yes, as the underlying sources have changed to some extent.
If there has been change in sources, the patched files may need to be changed / edited /modified as necessary, if you git pull updated sources from upstream.

Quite normal git work...

Easiest may be to re-create the whole thing.

Is 19.07 stable going to be ath10k-ct only?

Not sure yet if I will build both ath10k versions for it.
-ct has lately worked ok for me.

After almost a year I updated your build from 84xx to the new 19.07 10199. Great job so far with the old build!
Unfortunately I cannot connect more than 32 wifi devices:
"refusing to associate station: too many connected already (32)"
Anyone any idea how to increase the number?

Using now the 10192 ath10k and it works again :slight_smile:

The latest version of ath10k-ct is way more stable, but I still experience periodic disconnects and need to re-connect devices once a day or so.

Anyone seeing issues when using irqbalance? I posted a while back that I get random freezes and reboots. It was suggested it might be a hardware issue or power supply. On a whim, I removed irqbalance which I used to have in /etc/rc.local and so far I have over 23 days uptime on r10061-0f6b944c92 ("old" ath). It's possible it's just coincidence, but I'm afraid to touch it and do any firmware updates or config changes, it's nice to have a stable WAP for more than 2 days.

When irqbalance was imported here, there some reports about problems from some users. So , quite possible that there is something.

You might run it with the "oneshot mode" once a week, or so. I am not sure if there is actually a need for constant running in the backgrond.

Thanks for the tip. Is it useful to use irqbalance when running just plain AP? My R7800 is not a router/gateway.

It is useful if your router is CPU-constrained due to IRQ handling under heavyish normal load. Just use top or htop etc. to investigate your situation.

(Personally I have not bothered to use it, as my network load is too small)

Makes sense. I did not notice a difference with or without it, the CPU is barely used and there's not a lot of traffic on my network either. I just ran irqbalance --oneshot let's see if I get any crashes now, you know for science because being too stable is boring ...