Build for Netgear R7800

Thinking about picking up an R7800. How's the wireless on it? I'm having an issues with my Archer C2600 getting my full 300Mb/s download from my ISP, this can handle that right?

Not sure there's going to be noticeable difference. Are you on hnyman's build with pcie-fixes?

I've flashed the latest master build (lede-r5693-f1fb710483-20180108-pcie-fix2-test), and I can't install samba36-server because it's not available through opkg. Otherwise the build appears to be running well.

EDIT: It's up on opkg again and I got it installed.

I reach with 5GHz about 450mbit with my xps 13.

Yep, that samba package seems to currently fail in the official buildbot:

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@hnyman your build is working very good, thanks for that!
I just want to notice that I had to start and enable cron in this build. Shouldn't it be enabled by default?

/etc/init.d/cron start
/etc/init.d/cron enable

If crontab file is empty, the cron service stays disabled at boot.

Just FYI, today, I tried to make a new trunk-build for my R7800.
The build failed with a weird error, please see[0]=&sev[0]=&pri[0]=&due[0]=&reported[0]=&cat[0]=&status[0]=open&percent[0]=&opened=&dev=&closed=&duedatefrom=&duedateto=&changedfrom=&changedto=&openedfrom=&openedto=&closedfrom=&closedto=

I built r7800 a few minutes ago from 0cd5e85e7a without problems.

And was your problem directly related to my build? Or have you applied some other patches?

Your build is the basis, I've added dissent1's patches (sta110-branch), removed all the conflicts between your and dissent1's patches and finally added my own preferences via make menuconfig.
All of dissent1's patches applied without errors. But I'll look at the details, it might be that one of the patches needs an update.

It´s related to this patch: 47-2-clk-qcom-gdsc-Add-support-for-gdscs-with-RETENTION-power-state.patch
I'll remove the related patches and try again.

It's probably smth in your build environment, try running
make dirclean

I started with a clean pull of the Openwrt code, it was a first build-attempt.
For my second attempt, I've removed all your 47-x-patches, did a 'make dirclean' and now the build finishes without the error.

Please take the discussion to the R7800 exploration thread, as it is about extra patches that are not in my build


The pcie fixes from dissent1 have been committed to main Openwrt/LEDE sources, so there are no separate patches for them, any more. Hopefully those changes help those who have had trouble with wifi performance.


Recent changes in master for ipq806x prevent installing 17.01 sysupgrade images into a router running a master firmware, as the device/board name has changed. A 17.01 sysupgrade image can be installed by downloading the image onto router's /tmp and using "sysupgrade -F" to override the image format check.

will the configuration be kept if doing so, or the whole router needs to be reconfigured from scratch?

I kept the config and it is quite ok.

The change in master is just about the router's technical ID. That causes the master's sysupgrade to think that the 17.01 image is for another router.

There is no need to used "-n" to wipe the config.

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Sorry i'm quite new here and this type of forum system so my apologies in advance if my questions already been answered.
I bought an archer c7 yesterday and I'm planning to bring it back because it's v4 and can't do anything with it so instead looking to get a netgear r7800 in which this firmware is for.
My questions are in this firmware is the added dfs channels retained? is port aggregation possible? Also is there any fastpath in this? what else may be missing in this build? there openvpn included?

All features are explained in the first message.

wifi settings are the default ones. Not quite sure what you mean by port aggregation. Fastpath is not included. Openvpn is not included, but can be easily installed afterward.
Lost is missing :wink: There are thousands of packages available in Openwrt/LEDE, so this only included the core packages by default.