Build for Netgear R7800

No, you have reinstall them after flashing the new firmware

As mentioned, user-installed packages need to be reinstalled.

However, this generic sysupgrade article may help speed things up...

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this is good news :slight_smile: SQM is another feature i'd rather not loose when switching from 1701 to master

BTW sysupgrade from 1701 to master is the way to go?


Yeah, the same config works usually ok in both.
I constantly jump between them when testing new builds.

Hmm, about SQM, during this afternoon, I've built an image based on @dissent1 STA110-branch with the DSA-patch added. I tested this built with both SQM (185k/18k5, cake, layer_cake) on and off, and to my surprise the result with SQM off was significantly better that with SQM on. I'm on a 200/20Mbit/s cable link; with SQM off I reached max up and down speed with bufferbloat=A. With SQM on I reached 150Mb down, 16Mb up and bufferbloat=B. So, I'm leaving SQM off for now!

Are you sure that you built after the cake qdisc was fixed today?;a=commit;h=7aa15953e1b60033fb1390b97fd6fe42daced738

The fix is possibly not yet in that branch...

@hnyman yes, that fix is included, I added the latest applicable fixes from lede-master to the STA110-branch.

Also, fast-path is included, if I remember correctly there was an issue with fast-path and SQM not working together? And what is DSA doing compared to swconfig wrt SQM, I wonder? Unfortunately, I have too little time on my hands to test in much detail. I can always fall back to your builds when the results disappoint :wink:

Could you share your build with the community? Regards

@hnyman I want to use your build, but I need kernel modules kmod-ipt-ipset, kmod-nfnetlink, kmod-tun. Can I install them with opkg or I need to make my own build?

If you check the "manifest" file included in the download directory, you can see that those three packages are included in the build:

kmod-ipt-ipset - 4.9.72-1
kmod-nfnetlink - 4.9.72-1
kmod-tun - 4.9.72-1
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As per @hnyman's suggestion, my post has been moved here:

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Thank you, Regards

If there is going to be more discussion about your own build, please start an own thread about it.
(and it would be advisable to show also the source code changes, not only the compiled binary blob.)

It would be nice to have the sysupgrade file not just the img.

I can confirm my router is running smooth with the 5645 build. Wifi 5ghz is working nicely and with maximum throughput, and sqm piece of cake is performing well too. Though i haven't noticed any speed improvements compared to kernel 4.4 in openssl, i will have to run some synthetic test to see if there are any.

@hnyman I've read a lot about the R7800. So, I just ordered one. I'm sick and tiered of the wrt3200acm :-(.

I have some questions regarding your build:

  1. Is the size of the root partition already bigger with your build?

  2. What is the difference between master and 17.01? Is the 17.01 more stable?

  3. Means 17.01 that your build is based on 17.01.4?

  • My build has the default root partition size. No extra patch to enlarge it.
  • 17.01 is the official stable branch that only get bug fixes, but no new experimental features. So, it is more guaranteed to work always. (In practice both master and 17.01 as stable enough.)
  • My 17.01 build is from the HEAD of the 17.01 branch, meaning that it also includes about 200+ fixes that have been implemented after the 17.01.4 release.
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No, but you can enlarge it to 100Mb by building it. Just follow @hnyman instructions in:

BTW i find master very stable for my daily use, with SQM piece of cake enabled and 20-25 devices connected all the time.

Thanks @hnyman.
I just flashed the master build. I set it up with SQM, Adblock, ddns, etc and it works so fare perfectly.